The MedTech Diary_digital transformation and AI

The MedTech Diary: digital transformation and AI

by Henrietta Shirley on 30 July 2019

Digitalization, new software, data analytics and the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is touching and transforming every aspect of the medtech industry. To keep you up to speed and at the cutting edge of this field, we’ve collected the best digital and AI events coming up in medtech over the next few months.

Health 2.019 – Innovation in Health Care, Rüschlikon, 21 August

Bringing together healthcare providers, policy makers and business solutions teams, Health 2.019 – Innovation in Health Care is built to connect people with the opportunity to enhance the work they’re doing and connect with ways to invest in its future. Presenting independent and neutral information in both a national and international context, Health 2.019 provides a constructive networking platform and the opportunity for experts to access three of the industry’s main objectives; access to innovation, patient-centred care and a funding system that can support them.

Swiss Digital Day, Switzerland, 3 September

This year, the Swiss Digital Day is dedicated to “life-long learning” and will present the collaboration of 80 partners over 150 free events at 12 locations across Switzerland. As a hub for innovation—realised through both its research system and the level of its research investment, and with Zurich recently named as the top region for innovation in Europe—the Swiss Digital Day will present 10 specialised events dedicated to medtech and its digital and AI landscape.

Intelligent Health 2019, Basel, 11–12 September

Engaging 2,000 attendees and 100 speakers from over 80 counties, Intelligent Health 2019 is the largest global summit dedicated to AI in healthcare and takes a deep dive into new tech, coding, and the social and ethical determinants of health. Gathering top experts, from tech giants to professionals working in medtech and biotech, as well as clinicians, c-suite executives, investors, start-ups and scientists, this summit provides a series of world-class medical presentations and workshops that explore how AI can be used to solve healthcare problems around the world and “set the global AI agenda in healthcare for 2020 and beyond.”

AIMed Europe, London, 17–19 September

Designed by clinicians to showcase the latest innovations and facilitate new ideas and partnerships for healthcare professionals, AIMed Europe is a multidisciplinary meeting focused on investigating AI in medicine in Europe and the transformative impact that AI-inspired technology is having on healthcare to improve patient care.

World Summit Ai, Zaandam, 9–10 October

A partner of Intelligent Health 2019 and the leading event of World AI Week (WAIW)—the world’s first week dedicated to AI and now the annual meeting place for the global AI sector (Amsterdam, 7–11 October)—the World Summit Ai gathers an international ecosystem of the “brightest brains in AI”, including BigTech, established enterprises, startups, investors and scientists. Focusing on the implementation of AI in business and setting up a global agenda for AI, the World Summit Ai opens up the dialogue between cutting-edge AI tech and heads of government, engages 6,000 attendees and 200 speakers across 160 countries, and demonstrates the value of data science and agile AI technologies in business.

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Henrietta ShirleyThe MedTech Diary: digital transformation and AI