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Specialist consultants for the medical devices industry, with a team of experts based in Switzerland that can support your regulatory strategy with the MDR (Medical Device Regulation) and IVDR (In Vitro Device Regulation) in Europe and MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program) regions. Services in Quality Management System (QMS/eQMS), Six Sigma training, Gap Analysis, Clinical Evaluation Reports, compliance, certification, audit readiness, data analysis, business intelligence, digitalization, agile business development, specialist market insight and business training. Contact us to optimise your business processes and procedures and secure your compliance for the medical device regulations.

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Why us?

  • Solution-oriented, Flexible and Positive

    We do honest, straight-to-the point and relevant work. Our ethical values are the core of our daily activities and inspire an open, efficient and respectful environment.

  • Creative, innovative and Process-knowledgeable

    We find ideal solutions by inviting out-of-the box ideas and leveraging from long-term experience of approaches that actually work in practice.

  • Customer Focused

    We take your personal objectives as the basis to define our success.

“…they were patient and very present and had the ability to focus on the essential and settle quickly into our team… they got straight into the relevant issues, assessed where we actually were and from there took a step by step approach to reach our goal.”

—Employees, SMEs

The Team

Our team of specialists, based in Switzerland, has the best expertise to support and enable your business to reach its regulatory and commercial success and assist your organisation in its certification process to access to the medical devices market. We are passionate and knowledgeable about what we do, and we have the agility to rapidly adapt our services to your business requirements and wider changes in the market, providing productive and cost-effective solutions.

Jasminka Roth

Jasminka Roth CEO

Proven track record in establishing and maintaining a quality system within the medical device environment (50 + audits).

Longterm experience as a leader for the quality management and business excellence in multiple dynamic international companies within the manufacturing industry, where accuracy, reliability and negotiation skills are of particular importance.

She enjoys spending time in nature with her family and is engaged in yoga practice since 2002. She is fluent in German, English, Croatian and speaks a little French.

Martina Ehrat

Martina Ehrat Administrative Assistant

Interest in precise work and visual skills led her to the watch industry and to more and more free artistic work later on. With creativity and a keen eye on the visual aspects, she helps to reach an optimal goal.

Successful project management in companies of all sizes and as a self-employed person form the basics of her skill set. She supports the team in administrative and organizational matters.

She enjoys spending her free time with her family, in nature and on cultural venues. She is fluent in German, English, and speaks a little French and Spanish.

Deepa Rajagopalan

Deepa Rajagopalan Quality Implementation Manager

Wide international experience on all facets of the quality spectrum across automotive, aerospace and medical device industries.

Successfully scaled up organisations of varied sizes in the journey of audit readiness (40+ audits) by establishing end to end quality systems complemented by robust people transformation initiatives.

She enjoys listening to music, playing the piano and exploring new travel destinations. She is conversant in English, German, Tamil and Hindi.

Yannik Messerli

Yannik Messerli Data Strategist

Creative and passionate developer with a strong focus towards delivering user-need driven solutions. He has led several innovative projects delivering to a tight time schedule. He has several years of experience as a data analyst for international IT companies, implementing scalable machine learning algorithms, applying sophisticated statistical techniques, extracting actionable knowledge from (big) data, and creating graphics to enable insights to executive stakeholders and partners.

He enjoys rock climbing and ski touring and will take the opportunity whenever possible. He is fluent in French and English and speaks a little German.

Lassana Diabira

Lassana Diabira Data Scientist

Passionate about building data driven algorithms to solve challenging business problems. Loves to develop AI solutions that increase business value by simplifying complexities and discovering underlying patterns in data.

He has 2+ years of experience as a Data Scientist and has successfully built and deployed scalable machine learning algorithms for different companies.

He enjoys boxing, playing football and travelling. He is fluent in French, English and speaks a little Spanish.

Henrietta Shirley

Henrietta Shirley Editor of external affairs

A creative, versatile and accomplished editor, Henrietta has over eight years of experience working as a writer, editor and project manager for a wide range of clients and companies.

Before becoming a freelance writer, Henrietta was a specialist proposals writer and project manager at the international art auction house Sotheby's, business-getting high-value works for their global auctions. Since 2018, Henrietta has begun editing scientific papers for a leading university in London as well as working as an editor in the field medical devices.

She enjoys research, art, literature, yoga and being in nature.

Julia Böttcher

Julia Böttcher Quality and Administrative Assistant

Julia’s interest in the well-being of others, her volunteer work and analytical way of thinking led her to a professional career in the legal system at a number of renowned law firms.

Her open-minded and communicative nature, as well as her organizational talent, eye for accuracy and a familiarity with office processes, makes Julia a key contributor to our team’s human resources and other administrative and organisational projects.

Julia speaks German, English and some French, is an active traveller and interested in sports and making music, and enjoys spending her free time with her family and in the country.

Ekaterina Rakhmatullina

Ekaterina Rakhmatullina Quality Implementation Manager

Broad cross-disciplinary experience in medical devices (IVD, MD) with the focus in material science, chemistry, packaging development and validation, analytical methods, IVD reagents, quality management (QM) and chemical legislation (REACH, RoHS).

Combination of strong leadership and project management skills, knowledge of QM/Regulatory requirements and technical know-how allowed successful development of medical devices and IVD reagents in multicultural international industries. She values pragmatic thinking, open communication and teamwork at all levels.

Exploring new cultures, traditions and discovery of new places around the globe charge her batteries and fulfill the curious mind. Meditation, minerals and astrology help to maintain her positive attitude.

We are a team of highly dedicated and openminded experts.

We operate within an international network particularly strong in the medical device combination products and pharma industry.

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