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The Medtech Diary: Swiss Digital Day

by Henrietta Shirley on 27 August 2019

Next week, 3 September 2019, will be Swiss Digital Day—a national event initiated by digitalswitzerland to promote and support digitalisation across Switzerland. Now in its third year, Swiss Digital Day will showcase 300 free events at 12 locations that will look at 9 different topics: health, education, work, data, media and news, mobility, e-democracy, smart cities and lifestyle.

Engaging government, business, academia and the public, this year’s event will dedicate 28 events to health and the medtech industry, a sector that is integrating new technology and digitalisation at unprecedented speed—spurred on by factors such as the EU’s new MDR and IVDR, the implementation of European database on medical devices (EUDAMED) and the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD), all of which will come into greater effect in 2020.

Major advances in the field of personalised medicine such as wearables, “smart” sensors, devices and apps will also be discussed and exhibited. A field that will allow individuals to build and share their health profile with healthcare professionals for better care, as well as support them in taking preventative actions for their health. This sector of technology will be specifically showcased the following week in Basel at the Intelligent Health 2019 summit, 11–12 September.

Swiss Digital Day is built to strengthen Switzerland’s position as a leading innovation hub and drive its digitalisation initiatives forward. In the field of medtech, personal data, devices and the digitalisation in healthcare will form this sector’s the central themes.

Data, devices and digitalisation

The day’s top talks, discussions, stage shows, expos and startup pitches:

  • Whom do you trust with your data – and what do you want in return? will explore the vital and sensitive nature of data collection in health and medtech in parallel with the increasing accuracy of algorithms that can predict behaviour, opinions, lifestyle and health. Organised by Personalized Health Basel and Impact Hub Basel with support from DayOne, this talk will address key questions that need to be asked on the use, re-use, access and control of personal data.
  • ehealthsuisse will present a talk looking at the implementation, benefits and safety of personal health data in the EPD, which every hospital in Switzerland will be required to offer to patients from 2020.
  • Empa (the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) will host various talks looking at the human being in the digital world to ask questions such as how is digitisation changing the future of medicine and how will we live in a digital society?
  • Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale will dedicate events on the digitalisation in the health sector, to showcase the greater efficiency and patient safety possible using new technology and software.
  • Health 4.0 will be an interview with Dominik Schürmann, Innovation Manager at CSS, Philip Haas, strategic assistant to the CIO at Helsana and Daniel Saeuberli, Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences at DXC, to discuss how digitalisation can help people to become and stay healthy.
  • Sleepiz is 1 of 15 startups that will pitch their business ideas to an open audience in Zurich’s main station. Named by startupticker as “Europe’s most promising digital health startup”, and in light of our increasing awareness of the significant effect sleep has on health (see Matthew Walker’s international bestseller Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams), this is likely be a very interesting presentation.

Read about more events coming up in The MedTech Diary 2019 in articles dedicated to digital transformation and AI or regulation and innovation. Contact us directly for more information on our services and hands-on support with your regulatory strategy, data analysis and the digital transformation of your business.

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Henrietta ShirleyThe Medtech Diary: Swiss Digital Day