Social Impact

The power of giving

We believe in giving back. We understand that generosity inspires greater connection, stronger engagement, enhances well-being and increases productivity.

Generosity is one of the simplest, most easily accessed and effective tools available to us, it has the power to create an environment of abundance and its innately positive impact reflects the reality of doing meaningful work.

The Tao of Excellence has dedicated funds to medical projects and initiatives around the world since its foundation. This year, we will increase our donations to funding a project every month.

Supported projects

I care for you

This project funds treatment for children suffering from a widely affecting but often neglected skin disease “Cutaneous Leishmaniasis”. These chronic skin wounds, often on the face and predominately affecting the MENA region, can now be easily healed using a highly innovative, cost-effective and non-invasive medical bandage LeiProtect®.

we make it

‘Voyage vers la vie’, a specialized care program and we make it project, which funds the transfer of children every year to hospitals in Switzerland to receive life-saving operations.


Basel meets Calcutta’, a ProjektStarter led by medical students that aims to improve the basic medical care of the indigent population of Calcutta. This initiative of volunteers is involved in prevention as well as treatment in order to make a substantial and sustainable difference to the inhabitants of Calcutta.

Continuous improvement

We are dedicated to improving the world around us. From internal initiatives through to our clients and funding projects, we are committed to:

  • Improving the lives of patients, clients, our team members and all their families.
  • Inspiring open, efficient and respectful work environments.
  • Including ethical principles in our daily work.

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