Social Impact

We believe in giving back. We understand that generosity inspires greater connection, stronger engagement, enhances well-being and increases productivity. For us, generosity is a value that brings our team together, connects us to the meaning behind the work we do, and supports the positive impact we want to cultivate in our work and the world around us. That is why we dedicate funding to a wide variety of international medical projects and invest in initiatives that will continue to improve our performance and connection to our values.


As a team we are dedicated to:

  • Improving the lives of patients, clients, team members and all our families.
  • Inspiring open, efficient and respectful work environments.
  • Integrating ethical principles in our daily work.

Funding Projects in 2019

I care for you

This project funds treatment for children suffering from a widely affecting but often neglected skin disease “Cutaneous Leishmaniasis”. These chronic skin wounds, often on the face and predominately affecting the MENA region, can now be easily healed using a highly innovative, cost-effective and non-invasive medical bandage LeiProtect®.

we make it

‘Voyage vers la vie’, a specialized care program and we make it project, which funds the transfer of children every year to hospitals in Switzerland to receive life-saving operations.


Basel meets Calcutta’, a ProjektStarter led by medical students that aims to improve the basic medical care of the indigent population of Calcutta. This initiative of volunteers is involved in prevention as well as treatment in order to make a substantial and sustainable difference to the inhabitants of Calcutta.

Ärzte für Ärzte

Ärzte für Ärzte (Doctors for Doctors) is a charitable funding initiative aimed at supporting doctors in Syria. Since 2011, the crisis in Syria has led to the paralysis and wide collapse of the country’s healthcare system. 73% of the nation’s hospitals have been destroyed and half of its doctors have been forced to flee the country. This project will buy much-needed surgical supplies for Syrian doctors, the most common and urgent medical treatment required in such crisis areas.

Medical equipment for rural clinics in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is struggling with a chronic social-economic crisis. For public health, this means medical and non-medical equipment is often out-of-date or broken and requires repair or replacement. The publicly-supported primary health care (PHC) system in Zimbabwe consists of 1,118 rural health clinics, rural hospitals and urban polyclinics. Medical equipment for rural clinics in Zimbabwe is a GoFundMe initiative aimed at ensuring that 10 selected PHC facilities across two of Zimbabwe’s provinces (Matabeleland North and South) are well-staffed and receive adequate tools for health workers.

Gesundheit ohne Schwierigkeit (Health without Difficulty)

Gesundheit ohne Schwierigkeit (Health without Difficulty) will support the expansion of a medical centre in Malawi. This centre has just three nurses, a midwife and a medical assistant treating patients in a catchment area of 25,000 people. There is a serious lack of beds and medical devices (including the simplest diagnostic equipment, such as stethoscopes and blood-pressure kits), as well as limited access to clean, running water and constant power outages. Staff are also unable to live near-by to monitor patients. This project seeks to give people in the region a chance to live a healthy life by providing basic healthcare services, including access to clean water in all the main rooms, proper diagnosis equipment, staff accommodation, solar power for refrigerating medication, a washing machine and an ambulance.

Dental Mission in Peru

Dental Mission in Peru is a funding initiative that will enable six dental medical students (currently completing their Masters at the University of Basel) to travel to Peru, together with dental materials and workwear, to assist the non-profit organisation Hand on Peru (HOP) in its efforts to improve access to medical and dental care for disempowered and marginalised people in Trujillo and its surrounding areas. These students will additionally travel to a remote region of Peru, 3000 meters above sea level, to provide medical care for people who may have never seen a dentist before. This initiative is particularly targeted at treating children with tooth decay, providing dental care for the elderly and financially disempowered, and instructing communities on oral hygiene for preventive care.

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