COVID Measures Workshop

Workshop to develop your COVID protection set-up.

1'900 CHF plus VAT

  • 1-hour consultation call to discuss your current hygiene procedures and proposed updates.
  • Site-visit assessment to review your hygiene strategy in-situ.
  • 3-hour workshop and download to develop your strategy and actions checklist.
  •  Hygiene strategy and implementation pathway designed by a process design and hygiene expert.
  • 3-hour review for a comprehensive and concise strategy with clear logistics.
  • 1-hour coaching and follow-up session to ensure the strategy is efficient and effective.
  • 1-hour training session to give your team a clear picture of hygiene measures.
  • Detailed hygiene strategy with hands-on support implementing each procedure.


This service will provide an in-depth assessment of your current hygiene measures and produce a comprehensive, practical and effective hygiene concept tailored to your business and implemented with support and training. A process design and hygiene expert specialising in medical device and healthcare industries will work with you to review, develop and improve your hygiene procedures to secure the safe and practicle working environment for your teams. Protecting against the risk of COVID-19 as restrictions begin to relax and businesses restart. Alongside checking the efficacy and efficiency of each measure and producing a new hygiene procedures document and implementation strategy, our experts will provide training and customised hand-outs for your team to ensure a clear and concise picture of all hygiene procedures and how to operate within your business.

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