COVID Measures Review

Review your approach and logistics.

600 CHF plus VAT

  • 2-hour consultation call to prioritize hygiene procedures and measures.
  • Access to a process design and hygiene expert for specialist insight into how effective and practical measures will be.
  • Development of practical and optimized measures that are in line with BAG.
  • 1-hour coaching and follow-up session to ensure your strategy is clear and effective.
  • Downloadable document to develop and review approach and track updates.
  •  Confirmed hygiene procedures you can begin to implement immediately.


An in-depth assessment of your hygiene procedures and the development of a strong hygiene strategy to help mitigate against the risk of COVID-19 as restrictions begin to lift and people return to work. Our process design and hygiene experts, who specialise in medical device and healthcare industries, will guide you through the concept stage and logistics of strengthening your hygiene strategy. This includes a 2-hour consultation, a downloadable checklist designed in line with government guidelines and hygiene standards, and a 1-hour coaching and follow-up session to confirm your approach and implementation plan. The package provides a clear pathway to finding best hygiene measures to protect your teams and the procedures for your business.

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